Sifu Lun Kai trained with Grandmaster Yip Man, during his stay in Foshan, until 1949.
Yip Man's Foshan Wing Chun
Sifu Ou Rong Ju trained with Yang Cheng Fu's oldest son, Yang Zhen Ming.
Yang Tai Chi Chuan
Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang is the 19 generation Grandmaster of the Chen Family style Taijiquan.
Chen Taiji Quan
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Wing Chun Wooden Dummy
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We don't have wooden dummies available at the moment, but hope to have again in the future. The Wooden Dummy exact look will be dependent on the stumps that are available at the time. Rope is not included in the basic design. Inquire about extras you can add to enhance your wooden dummy experience.


The Kung Fu School was established in the late 1999 by Sifu Philip. We believe Kung Fu is much about personal development as it is about learning to fight. Our focus is the holistic training of body, mind and spirit through Kung Fu

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Every school, every teacher is different. Try a free class to experience it and find out, if Foshan Wing Chun is for you. We have Wing Chun private classes and Self Defense seminars available on request.

Which class is for you?

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    Foshan Wing Chun

    Wing Chun "Spring Time Fist" is a traditional martial art which is very practically orientated. Wing Chun produces efficient and adaptable fighters fast, by focusing on core concepts and not hundreds of different techniques.

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    Chen Taiji Quan

    Chen Style Taijiquan (Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan) is the oldest and first style of all Taijiquan styles. Chen Style is practised with a much lower stances than the other Taiji styles. It also uses Fajing (explosive energy), stomps, leaps and jumps that is not so much seen in other styles. It is a complete martial arts style with very effective and real fighting techniques.

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    Self Defense

    Reality-Based Self-Defence focuses on teaching life saving combat skills for real life situations, without being restricted to one style or another. If you are primarily interested in learning to protect yourself and your loved ones then our Self Defence seminars is for you.

Popular articles

  • Ip Man Movie

    How much of the Ip Man movie is true? Read our Sifu's review on the movie's historical accuracy (PDF - 255kb).

  • Master Lun Kai

    Read more about Master Lun Kai (PDF - 300kb) who taught Wing Chun as taught by his teacher, Grandmaster Yip Man.

  • Remembrance: Captain Ben Mangels

    A remembrance of an ex-student of Captain Ben Mangels Ben Mangels.

Your Instructors

  • Sifu Bertus Kock

    Sifu Bertus Kock has been training martial art since the year 2000. Styles include Yang Tai Chi Chuan and Yip Man's Foshan Wing Chun.

    He trained with Sifu Philip Collier (founder of The Kung Fu School) for many years and Sifu Leslie James Reed (member of ITSWA), who trained with Sifu Lun Gai (disciple of Ip Man in Foshan, China) and Sifu Ou Rong Ju (student of Yang Zhen Ming, oldest son of Yang Cheng Fu).

  • Shifu Liz van Heerden

    Shifu Liz has been teaching Chinese Martial Arts since the year 1995. She has taught and trained in various styles including Shaolin and many animal styles. Pioneer and founder of Chen Family Taijiquan in South Africa as per Chen Village Chen Taijiquan (since the year 2000). She is a World Champion/Gold: 1996 Full Contact Fighting Sanshou (USA), 2000 Full Contact Fighting Sanda (USA) and Bronze: 2000 Full Contact Fighting Ju-Jitsu (UK).

    Shifu Liz van Heerden trained with Shifu Jose Figueroa (USA), who is a disciple of Master Ren Guang Yi whom in turn is a disciple of Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang and with Master Chen Ziqiang (China) Head coach at the main school in Chen Village China.

  • Sifu Philip Collier

    Sifu Philip has been training in various martial arts since he was a teenager. Among his many teachers those whom he counts as having the greatest impact are: the late Captain Ben Mängels, longtime unarmed combat teacher and mentor Shihan Thaya Moodaley, longtime Kung Fu teacher and mentor Sifu Stephen Elliot, and teacher and mentor, the late Sifu Leslie James Reed. Philip is a certified unarmed combat instructor, Ip Man Hong Kong Wing Chun and Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan teacher. Sifu Philip teaches select private students only.

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